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Making up for lost time: Ninth Circuit says defendants may remove to federal court after traditional CAFA removal deadlines have passed

USA - August 7 2013 Imagine for a second that you're watching your favorite sports team: They're losing, time is winding down, and you're left watching the other team…

Brooke D. Arena, Daniel J. Corbett

Required extension of statutory pregnancy leave as a reasonable accommodation

USA - February 27 2013 In a case of first impression, the Second Appellate District in California, recently took an expansive view of pregnancy leave rights for employees…

Aubry R. Holland, Kristen Jacoby

Governor Brown signs amendments to California Labor Code

USA - October 9 2012 On Sunday, September 30, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2674, Assembly Bill 1744, and Senate Bill 1255 into law, thereby amending California Labor Code sections 226, 1198.5, and 2810.5, and adding section 226.1 to the Labor Code.

Tracy L. Scheidtmann, Adam Primm