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Brexit’s Potential Impact for Trade Secrets in the UK

European Union, United Kingdom - July 14 2016 To the surprise of many and the dismay of more than sixteen million United Kingdom voters, the previously unthinkable has occurred, the UK has voted…

Daniel J. Corbett, Mandy Perry, Logan Riley

Brexit: What Does it Mean for Employers in the U.K.?

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - June 24 2016 Firstly as we have all heard repeatedly today, nothing is going to change immediately and that is the same for employment law. It will be years…

Mike Delikat, Mandy Perry

Cross-Border Trends: Mind the Gap

United Kingdom - February 26 2016 In the heady days of the Coalition Government, gender pay gap reporting started to get some traction on the political agenda. This led to the 2011…

Rachel Easter, Mandy Perry

Cross-Border Trends: UK to Follow US Attack on the Gender Pay Gap

United Kingdom, USA - February 17 2016 Following months of waiting the UK Government has finally published its draft regulations on the new “gender pay gap reporting” requirements in the…

Erin M. Connell, Mike Delikat, Rachel Easter, Mandy Perry

Employment Law News for 2016

European Union, United Kingdom - January 27 2016 A belated happy New Year to you all! To celebrate the beginning of 2016 we're cantering through some key employment law news stories from the past…

Rachel Easter, Mandy Perry