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The line between trade secrets and patents: getting dual IP coverage on the same technology

USA - July 24 2013 Some might think that patents and trade secrets are mutually exclusive forms of intellectual property protection, and they would be partially…

Matthew Poppe

Court dismisses foreign banks from U.S. lawsuit alleging complicity in counterfeit and illegal online drug sales

USA - June 14 2013 The fight against sophisticated online schemes to sell counterfeit or otherwise illegal goods is being waged by increasingly focused efforts to…

Elizabeth A. Howard, Gabriel M. Ramsey, Robert P. Reznick, Peter D. Vogl

Can internet-based membership programs be illegal pyramid schemes?

USA - April 11 2012 In a decision that could have substantial implications for many Internet-based businesses, on March 14, 2012, a federal court in California enjoined the operation of a web-based promoter of websites and provider of digital content on grounds that the operation was an illegal pyramid scheme — or multi-level marketing program (MMP) — that violated the Federal Trade Commission Act. 

Robert P. Reznick