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It’s All “Relative”, But No Different Here Under the New Nautilus Indefiniteness Standard

USA - March 9 2016 In one of his most famous dialogues from The Tempest, William Shakespeare’s character Prospero draws on the metaphor of the end of a wedding revelry…

Randy Wu

Synthesizing More Lessons From the Silicon v. Cresta Frequency Synthesizer Case

USA - March 9 2016 As we previously reported, the dispute between Silicon Laboratories and Cresta Technology regarding patents on frequency synthesizer circuits (which…

Randy Wu

Monkey Business: A Primate Can’t Claim Copyright in Selfies

USA - February 8 2016 Are photographic “selfies” a uniquely human conceit? Parties in a Northern District copyright lawsuit who purport to represent “Naruto” - the crested…

Lillian J. Mao

Costly Consequences to Limiting Discovery Scope

USA - December 30 2015 Sometimes, it works to a patent owner’s advantage not to allege infringement by products other than those specifically identified in preliminary…

Johanna Jacob

An ounce of prevention: patent claiming anti-malware software is not abstract

USA - December 3 2015 It looks like the battle between non-practicing entity Finjan and defendant Blue Coat Systems is coming to an end, at least in the Northern District…

Cam Phan