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SEC Bounty Hunters Take Heart: SEC Fines Company $265,000 For Using Severance Agreements That Provided a Waiver of Any Monetary Recovery For Filing a Tip

USA - August 10 2016 Today, the SEC announced that an Atlanta-based company, BlueLinx Holdings, is settling charges that its severance agreements contained provisions…

David Harvey, Renee B. Phillips

Germany’s Financial Regulator Establishes New Whistleblower Platform

Canada, USA - July 11 2016 Last week, Germany’s Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) unveiled a centralized platform for receiving whistleblower complaints, including…

Renee B. Phillips, André Zimmermann

Brexit: What Does it Mean for Employers in the U.K.?

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - June 24 2016 Firstly as we have all heard repeatedly today, nothing is going to change immediately and that is the same for employment law. It will be years…

Mandy Perry, Nicola Whiteley

Securities Industry Employment Arbitration

USA - May 25 2016 In the securities industry, the majority of all employment disputes are resolved through binding arbitration. This mandatory arbitration system is…

Lisa Lupion, Jill L. Rosenberg

Digging Into the New Overtime Regulations

USA - May 20 2016 Within the Department of Labor's aggressive regulatory agenda in the last few years, its proposed regulations on the white collar exemptions from…

Lisa Lupion, Jill L. Rosenberg, Julie A. Totten, Christopher Wilkinson