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BREAKING: President Obama Signs Defend Trade Secrets Act Into Law

USA - May 11 2016 This afternoon, as anticipated, President Barack Obama signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act into law, wrapping up a lengthy bipartisan effort to bring…

Daniel J. Corbett, Michael Disotell

It’s All Relative: A California Court Says Employers Must Accommodate Employees “Associated” With a Person With a Disability

USA - April 29 2016 In an issue of first impression, the California Court of Appeals held that employers have a duty under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act…

Jessica R. L. James

EU Reaches “Provisional Agreement” on New Trade Secret Directive

European Union - January 15 2016 The Council of Ministers announced that the Luxembourg Presidency had reached a “provisional agreement” with the European Parliament representatives…

Melanie D. Phillips

Testing the limits of employee privacy: Ninth Circuit allows EEOC to obtain extensive personal information about employees despite privacy concerns

USA - November 19 2015 The Ninth Circuit recently held that during the course of an investigation, the EEOC can force employers to produce "pedigree information" (i.e…

Timothy B. Del Castillo, Melissa C. Hammock

Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2015 faces criticism 2.0

USA - September 28 2015 On August 28, 2015, TSW continued its coverage of the 2015 Defend Trade Secrets Act ("2015 DTSA"), introduced in both the House and Senate on July 28…

Johanna Jacob