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Founding Fathers (or cases) of Trade Secret Law: A Look Back in Celebration of Independence Day

USA - July 5 2016 Over the last few weeks, TSW has reported extensively on the first few cases brought under the new Defend Trade Secrets Act. But, given our recent…

Johanna Jacob

Proving “Loss” Under the Economic Espionage Act - Not Always Straightforward

USA - March 25 2016 The Obama Administration’s focus on criminal trade secret prosecutions under the Economic Espionage Act (EEA) highlights the legal complexities at…

Roland Chang

“Confidential” information protectable in the Sixth Circuit

USA - December 2 2015 On November 17, 2015, the Sixth Circuit held in an unpublished opinion that “confidential” information that does not otherwise qualify as a trade…

Mary Beth Myles

White House reins in ITC on standard-essential patents

USA - August 5 2013 On Aug. 3, 2013, the Obama Administration vetoed the U.S. International Trade Commission's June 4 order excluding certain Apple Inc. ("Apple")…

T. Vann Pearce Jr., Jay Jurata, Richard A. Rinkema

The line between trade secrets and patents: getting dual IP coverage on the same technology

USA - July 24 2013 Some might think that patents and trade secrets are mutually exclusive forms of intellectual property protection, and they would be partially…

Morvarid Metanat