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LOOKING BACK TO MOVE FORWARD: Need to Balance Trade Secret Protection and Judicial Transparency Remains Ten Years After Federal Court Reprimanded for Issuing Secret Opinion

USA - January 8 2016 Ringing in the New Year provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. This mirrors the day-to-day reality for…

Lauren Seaton

Getting hammered: California trial court finds for e*trade in long-running misappropriation case where plaintiff destroyed the evidence

USA - October 2 2015 In a fifteen-year tale of how not to protect your emerging company's trade secrets when dealing with the big fish, on September 16, 2015, a…

David Keenan

The short arm of the law: U.S. problems prosecuting foreigners for trade secret theft

China, South Korea, USA - July 11 2013 They say politics stops at the water's edge. Increasingly, so does the power of the United States to thwart trade secret theft. As the nation…

Christina Von der Ahe

Rubber match? Resin trade secret battle results in a multi-jurisdictional draw

China, USA - June 26 2013 On the same day last week, two rival rubber resin companies issued press releases — each claiming legal victory in the same trade secret…

Frances Cheever

USPTO Inter Partes review update: scope of discovery

USA - March 7 2013 In Garmin Int'l Inc. v. Cuozzo Speed Technologies, LLC, Case No. IPR2012-00001 (PTAB March 5, 2013), the USPTO recently issued its first-ever…

Donald Daybell