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Practical Tips: Keeping Trade Secrets Safe During Litigation - Texas Supreme Court Edition

USA - June 3 2016 Last week, the Texas Supreme Court provided its first opinion interpreting the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act in a case involving an issue that…

T. Wayne Harman

Treasury Cites Cyber Challenges for Online Marketplace Lending Industry

USA - May 19 2016 On May 10, 2016, the United States Department of Treasury (Treasury) became the latest federal agency to highlight the importance of cybersecurity in…

Howard S. Altarescu, Antony P. Kim, Aravind Swaminathan

O’ Really, Canada? Data Breach Log Rules Underway

Canada - April 18 2016 In June 2015, Canada made significant amendments to its data privacy law, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)…

Mona S. Amer, Russell P. Cohen

The cybersecurity playbook: building effective attack and breach preparedness

USA - December 7 2015 With the most significant of cyberattacks resulting in millions of dollars in costs, irreparable damage to a company’s brand, and key executives…

Antony P. Kim, Aravind Swaminathan

Trade secrets unwrapped: packaging materials case demonstrates the importance of keeping confidential information sealed shut

USA - November 12 2015 There are many ways to gain trade secret protection, but also many ways to lose it. As the recent motion to dismiss ruling in Fleetwood Packaging v…

Michael Disotell