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Section 101 Blocks Caller ID Patent

USA - August 5 2016 Litigants continue to use Alice and its progeny to cull the ranks of patents asserted in the Northern District. In Whitepages v. Isaacs, Judge…

Gabriel M. Ramsey

A Time For Everything: Defendant Can Add To Invalidity Contentions After The Lifting Of A Years-Long Stay

USA - June 15 2016 Much can change procedurally while a patent case is stayed, especially if the parties continue to litigate the patent in other jurisdictions. In…

George L. Kanabe

Simple Beats Precise: No Need for Carve-Outs Before Using Previously Produced Discovery

USA - April 7 2016 Here is a riddle for you: when can an interest in reducing cost and burden justify broader discovery? The answer: when documents previously produced…

Monte Cooper

District Courts Won’t Wait Forever: Stay Lifted Pending Rehearing of IPR Denial

USA - April 6 2016 As we have reported in the past, judges in the Northern District are generally willing to stay a case pending IPR, and sometimes even before the PTAB…

Monte Cooper

Monkey Business: A Primate Can’t Claim Copyright in Selfies

USA - February 8 2016 Are photographic “selfies” a uniquely human conceit? Parties in a Northern District copyright lawsuit who purport to represent “Naruto” - the crested…

Monte Cooper