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To Free or Not to Free: The DOL’s New Overtime Regulations May Give Employees the Ability to “Unplug”—But at What Cost?

USA - August 17 2016 Today, mobile technology allows many exempt employees to work remotely and perform work outside traditional working hours. Some commentators assert…

Joseph C. Liburt, Katie E. Briscoe

Not So Fast: Administrative Review Board Vacates Discrimination Finding Sought by OFCCP

USA - May 24 2016 A recent decision from the Department of Labor's Administrative Review Board serves as a warning to federal agencies against overreaching in their…

Christopher Wilkinson

There’s No Longer an “App for That” in Austin: Lyft and Uber Pull Out Over Driver Fingerprinting Requirements

USA - May 19 2016 Rideshare companies Lyft and Uber announced on May 9 that they were no longer offering their services in Austin, Texas, after voters there rejected a…

Daniel J. Corbett, Mike Delikat

Supreme Court Ties Underscore Justice Scalia’s Missing Influence

USA - April 5 2016 After the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, we predicted: “Justice Scalia’s passing will immediately impact several employment-related cases pending…

Michael Disotell, Timothy J. Long, Christopher Wilkinson

Justice Scalia’s Employment Law Legacy

USA - February 24 2016 On February 13, 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia, the anchor of the Court’s Conservative wing for nearly three decades, passed away. He leaves behind a…

Michael Disotell, Timothy J. Long