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California: Making Arbitration Great Again

USA - August 23 2016 California’s resistance to the longstanding federal policy favoring arbitration frequently results in public expressions of frustration by the…

Jessica R. L. James, Kimpo Ngoi

Big Bucks for Baby-Bonding: San Francisco Passes Employer-Paid Parental Leave Ordinance

USA - April 27 2016 Staying true to form, earlier this month San Francisco passed the nation’s first fully-paid parental leave law known as the Paid Parental Leave for…

Katie E. Briscoe, Timothy B. Del Castillo

Pennsylvania Plaintiffs Launch Successful Attack on Pittsburg’s Local Paid Sick Leave

USA - February 17 2016 The proliferation of paid sick leave (PSL) laws has been well-documented in the last few years. California’s PSL statute has received particular…

Clay Flaherty, Andrew R. Livingston

Legislative Updates Employers Should Know About to Avoid Wringing in the New Year

USA - January 4 2016 The California legislature played an active role in 2015 by enacting new rules and amendments in many employment areas. The following covers some of…

Kimpo Ngoi, Julie A. Totten

Bark and bite: best practices for your company’s off-the-clock policy

USA - May 29 2013 Most employers maintain a written timekeeping policy stating that non-exempt employees should accurately record their time worked. Yet many employers…

Sara E. Dionne, Andrew R. Livingston