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No Good Cause? No Amendment

USA - July 13 2016 In the Northern District of California, as with other districts, invalidity contentions are meant to crystalize theories early in litigation and…

George L. Kanabe

Founding Fathers (or cases) of Trade Secret Law: A Look Back in Celebration of Independence Day

USA - July 5 2016 Over the last few weeks, TSW has reported extensively on the first few cases brought under the new Defend Trade Secrets Act. But, given our recent…

Matthew Poppe

No “Last Resort” Striking of Undisclosed Expert Opinion

USA - May 20 2016 In a recent order in VIA Techs., Inc. v. ASUS Computer Int’l, Magistrate Judge Grewal Court found VIA’s expert disclosures insufficient under the…

George L. Kanabe

Missed Deadline Leads to Missed Opportunity at Discovery

USA - January 21 2016 A recent order by Magistrate Judge Cousins in Enplas v. Seoul, a case which the NorCal IP Blog previously reported on here, illustrates the perils of…

George L. Kanabe

Costly Consequences to Limiting Discovery Scope

USA - December 30 2015 Sometimes, it works to a patent owner’s advantage not to allege infringement by products other than those specifically identified in preliminary…

Monte Cooper