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Germany Issues Privacy Guidelines for Employer Access to Employee Email and Internet Use

Germany - May 25 2016 Can employers look at the company email accounts of employees, such as when they do not show up to work? Can employers monitor employee Internet use…

Samuel R. Castic, Christian Schröder

Trade Secrets and Cloud Services: Is the Sky the Limit?

Germany - May 5 2016 Germany is not only known as one of the best countries for enjoying beer and bratwurst, but it is also known as a country with some of the strictest…

Christian Schröder

More Guidelines on Data Privacy Compliant Use and Monitoring of Internet and Emails in the Workplace in Germany

Germany - April 13 2016 Recently, the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Labor Court ruled on the rights of an employer to check browsing history without the employee’s consent…

Christian Schröder

Germany Permits Consumer Protection Associations to File Class Actions for Violations of Data Protection Law

Germany - January 7 2016 On December 17, 2015, the German Parliament passed a new act which permits consumer protection associations, industry and commerce chambers or other…

Antony P. Kim, Christian Schröder, Aravind Swaminathan