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New Trademark Clearinghouse an important tool for trademark owners as new generic top-level domains prepare to launch

USA - March 19 2013 Starting on March 26, 2013, there will be an important new tool available to help trademark owners combat unauthorized uses of their trademarks in…

Scott Lonardo

Seeing red: when it's a trademark and when it's not

USA - October 23 2012 Attracting attention in both legal and fashion circles, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit reversed the Southern District of New York to rule that a single color can serve as a trademark in the fashion industry.

Betsy Wang Lee, Kristin Cornuelle, Michael Richmond

ICANN publishes list of applications in gTLD expansion program

Global - July 2 2012 Over the last year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been engaged in the first round of its planned expansion of generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) names. 

Robert M. Isackson, Michael Richmond

The Fourth Circuit says, "not so fast," to Google and revives Rosetta Stone's direct and contributory trademark infringement and dilution claims in closely watched AdWords case

USA - April 13 2012 In a widely awaited ruling, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has overturned in part summary judgment initially granted to Google regarding its use of Rosetta Stone’s trademarks in its AdWords program and reinstated most of Rosetta Stone’s claims relating to infringement and dilution.

Betsy Wang Lee, Michael Richmond

.xxx domain registration begins September 7th

Global - September 7 2011 Earlier this year, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names) approved the new .XXX top level domain (TLD) for the adult entertainment area of the Internet.

Thomas H. Zellerbach, Alex Feerst, Chelseaa Bush