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The Buss Stops Before the Last Frontier: Alaska Provides Policyholders Broader Defense Protection than California

USA - March 30 2016 The duty to defend is broad, as established, for example, in the California Supreme Court decision in Buss v. Superior Court, but is it possible to…

Alison K. Roffi, Darren S. Teshima

Washington’s Legislature Considers Limiting Non-Competes

USA - February 26 2016 According to the most recently available Census data, among those who moved from another state to Washington in the prior year, many times more…

William A. Molinski

Early Data Breach Insurance Case Discusses Cyber Policy Coverage for Traditional Risks

USA - January 21 2016 Last May, we told you that the “waiting has ended“ for courts to start weighing in on cyber insurance policies, as the District of Utah issued one of…

Darren S. Teshima

When a cyber attack has physical impact

USA - October 16 2015 October ordinarily brings the return of crisp air, fall foliage, and Halloween. This year, for the first time, it also brings National Cyber Security…

Alexander Lathrop