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Made in New Zealand - are you sure?

New Zealand - February 28 2013 Recently, an Australian Federal Court imposed a $50,000 penalty on a Victorian butcher who made false and misleading…

Overseas investment

New Zealand - February 14 2013 Overseas investors are currently required to obtain consent from the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) before making any investment in "significant…

Shelley Cave, James Hawes, Peter Hinton, Don Holborow, Craig Nelson, Michael Pollard, Stephen Ward

Are you responsible for user generated content?

Australia, New Zealand - September 12 2012 In Australia, the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has recently decided that it has jurisdiction over user generated content on Facebook.

Absolute claims must be absolutely accurate

New Zealand - September 5 2012 The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority has recently decided that Fonterra made several misleading claims on its website about the benefits of dairy.

Natural Health Products Bill: an unnecessary evil?

New Zealand - September 26 2011 Natural Health Products Bill (Bill) is set to establish a dedicated, risk-based regime for regulating natural health products in New Zealand.