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Absolute claims must be absolutely accurate

New Zealand - September 5 2012 The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority has recently decided that Fonterra made several misleading claims on its website about the benefits of dairy.

Are you responsible for user generated content?

Australia, New Zealand - September 12 2012 In Australia, the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has recently decided that it has jurisdiction over user generated content on Facebook.

Pyramid scheme/ direct selling

New Zealand - September 27 2013 Earlier this year, at the request of the Federal Trade Commission and the states of Illinois, Kentucky, and North Carolina, a federal court halted an…

Quarterly food law update

Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom - November 20 2013 The Consumer Law Reform Bill is currently in Select Committee Stage. The Bill is currently at number 21 on the Parliamentary Order Paper. The…

Craig Nelson, Ciska De Rijk

Consumer law reform - looking ahead at 2014

New Zealand - February 5 2014 The new year brings with it new rules and regulations. To help you stay on top of things, here is a taste of what will be served up this year…