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Crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending: final Regulations

New Zealand - March 11 2014 From 1 April 2014 companies will be able to access equity and debt capital without compliance with typical disclosure obligations placed on issuers…

Peter Hinton, Don Holborow, Kevin Jaffe, Simon Vannini

Shackles removed for employee share schemes

New Zealand, United Kingdom - March 11 2014 On 1 April 2014, a new regulatory framework for employee share schemes will come into force. This new regime will make it cheaper and easier for…

Peter Hinton, Don Holborow, Kevin Jaffe, Simon Vannini

How your commodity linked pricing offerings become possible under new law

New Zealand - February 27 2014 Are you a supplier of goods with a fluctuating price? Do your customers ask for fixed pricing or hedging? Under the Securities Markets Act 1988, some…

Peter Hinton, Don Holborow, Kevin Jaffe, Hugh Lindo, Simon Vannini

Are you up-to-speed with the latest changes to financial reporting?

New Zealand - January 23 2014 The Government is set to implement a new financial reporting regime from April this year. Once in force, the new regime will make some significant…

Peter Hinton, Don Holborow, Kevin Jaffe, Simon Vannini, Stephen Ward

Doing business in New Zealand

New Zealand - December 2 2013 New Zealand is made up of two main islands (the North and South Islands), Stewart Island (at the bottom of the South Island), and some smaller…

Stuart Hutchinson, Kevin Jaffe, Michael Robinson