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What's Done is Done: Alberta Court of Appeal Declines to Unwind Arrangement Transaction Despite Errors in Approval Process

Canada - February 1 2023 Despite finding a clear error resulting in warrant holders being deprived of meeting and voting rights under a court-approved plan of arrangement…

Katherine J. Fisher, Ciara J. Mackey, Michael P. Theroux

Police Amendment Act Proposes Significant Reforms

Canada - December 15 2022 The first major reform of Alberta's Policing act in over 30 years received Royal Assent on December 15, 2022. When brought into force, the Police…

Andrea L. Froese, Ian Mahood

The High Cost of Cost Indemnification: A Warning

Canada - November 16 2022 A contractual indemnification can require the losing party in a lawsuit to pay the winning party's full legal costs, the Alberta Court of Queen's…

David E. Gruber, Joshua Koop, Russell J. Kruger

Entire Agreement Clause and Due Diligence Cannot Oust Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Canada - November 8 2022 The defence of misrepresentation is still alive in circumstances involving entire agreement clauses and opportunities for due diligence, the Ontario…

Josephine Bulat, Preet K. Gill, Ciara J. Mackey

Third Party Rights Not Absolute Bar on Rescission of Bonds Issued Due to Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Canada - October 6 2022 Bonds are commonly used on construction projects in Canada to provide security for owners, subcontractors and other parties supplying labour and…

Ian W. Reynolds KC, Brian P. Reid, Peewara Sapsuwan