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It's Not "All the Facts and Nothing but the Facts": Assessing an Insurer's Duty to Defend

Canada - May 4 2022 In Optrics Inc. v Lloyd’s Underwriters, 2022 ABCA 26 [Optrics] the Alberta Court of Appeal highlights the limits on summary applications by insureds…

E. Bruce Mellett, Christine A. Viney

Prompt Payment Legislation in Alberta: Coming to Alberta on August 29, 2022

Canada - March 23 2022 The Alberta Government has now confirmed that the Builders’ Lien (Prompt Payment) Amendment Act, 2020 (BLA) will come into force on August 29, 2022…

Xaverie (Xav) MacLennan, Brian P. Reid, Jason D. Roth, Geoffrey P. Stenger

Captive Insurers: New Alberta Legislation Offers Additional Risk Management Option

Canada - January 17 2022 Risk management is an important part of governance planning for every business. Often, risk management means transferring risk to a third-party…

Maruska Giacchetto, Christine A. Viney

Do Medical Professionals Have Freedom of Expression?

Canada - November 9 2021 Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, state responses to the virus have become the subject of vigorous public debate. While some impugn measures…

Brynne Harding, Valerie R. Prather Q.C.

You Oughta Know: The General Principles of Contractual Interpretation Apply to Releases

Canada - July 26 2021 Releases are to be interpreted pursuant to the general principles of contractual interpretation, the Supreme Court of Canada recently held in Corner…

Ranjan K. Agarwal, Scott H. D. Bower, Preet K. Gill, Ciara J. Mackey