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Is It Getting Harder to Get a Worldwide Freezing Injunction In Alberta?

Canada - September 23 2022 Typically, pursuing fraudsters is an exercise in detective work, forensic analysis and a lot of circumstantial evidence. Rarely does a fraud come…

Justin R. Lambert, Munaf Mohamed

Share Swaps and Break Fees: ASC Decision Provides Guidance on Break Fees and Disclosure of Swaps

Canada - January 26 2022 On December 21, 2021, a panel of the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) published its written decision in Re Bison Acquisition Corp., 2021 ABASC 107…

Manpreet Dhillon, Justin R. Lambert, John E. Piasta

Ten Takeaways for Private M&A Sellers and Buyers in Canada from Recent Court Decision

Canada - August 9 2021 A private M&A purchase agreement customarily includes extensive representations and warranties and indemnification provisions. Post-closing, if the…

Gary S.A. Solway, John M Mercury, Munaf Mohamed, Paul Romaniuk

Fraud and Knowing Assistance—Between the Innocents

Canada - January 7 2019 Fraud continues to plague businesses and individuals in Canada and abroad, increasing at an alarming rate. Those involved in asset recovery…

Aoife McManus, Munaf Mohamed

SCC Renders Judgment on Cooperative National Securities Regulator

Canada - November 12 2018 On November 9, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) unanimously ruled that a proposed pan-Canadian securities regulator is constitutionally…

Kristopher R Hanc, Justin R. Lambert, Hind Masri, John E. Piasta