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Recent Alberta Court of Appeal decision on service ex juris and the Hague Convention

Canada - August 20 2012 On July 31, 2012, the Alberta Court of Appeal released Metcalfe Estate v Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd., 2012 ABCA 240.

Scott H. D. Bower

Don’t Short the Truth

Canada - October 24 2018 A recent decision of the Alberta Securities Commission appears to give short-sellers wide latitude to negatively comment on targets, and sets a…

Alan P. Gardner, Michael D. Mysak, Robert W. Staley

Transfer of Operatorship of Oil and Gas Assets Upon Insolvency

Canada - July 20 2016 Operating agreements for oil and gas assets typically contemplate the immediate replacement of the operator by another working interest owner in the…

Donald E. Greenfield Q.C, Aaron F. Rankin

Further cause for alarm for Canadian corporations with foreign operations

Canada - January 27 2014 We last wrote in July 2013 about Choc v Hudbay Minerals Inc., 2013 ONSC 1414, a decision which seemed to signal an increased willingness by an…

Ontario Securities Commission wins an insider trading case

Canada - February 14 2015 In a just-released decision, the Ontario Securities Commission found that a number of individuals engaged in insider trading, acted contrary to the…

Alan P. Gardner