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A Key Step Towards the Right to Be Forgotten? Federal Privacy Laws and Internet Search Engines

Canada - July 21 2021 In Reference re Subsection 18.3(1) of the Federal Courts Act (the Reference), the Federal Court of Canada held that the Personal Information…

Stephen D. Burns, J. Sébastien A. Gittens, Hyechan (HC) Lee, Ruth E. Promislow

The Supreme Court of Canada Rules on Intersection of Insolvency and Arbitration Law

Canada - November 10 2022 On November 10, 2022, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) issued its much-anticipated decision in Peace River Hydro Partners v Petrowest Corp, 2022 SCC…

Ciara J. Mackey, Kelsey J. Meyer

Trident Exploration Corp.: Abandonment and Reclamation Obligations Retain a Super Priority Over Municipal Taxes

Canada - December 14 2022 The Alberta Court of King's Bench (the Court) has confirmed that the abandonment and reclamation obligations owed to the Orphan Well Association…

Kelsey J. Meyer

Entitlement to Production Revenues Between the Effective Date and Closing in Insolvency Vesting Orders

Canada - August 9 2022 One of the main benefits to a purchaser who buys oil and gas assets in a proceeding under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act or a receivership…

Keely Cameron, Chris D. Simard

Bill 82—Laying the Groundwork for Alberta's Future as a Mineral Producer

Canada - December 1 2021 Demand for rare earth and critical minerals like lithium, uranium, nickel and vanadium is growing worldwide. Recently, the Government of Alberta has…

Sean Assié, Keely Cameron, Simon Foxcroft, Rayna Lew, Deirdre A. Sheehan