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Can after acquired cause justify the initial disciplinary measure?

Canada - March 20 2013 In a rather surprising decision, Québec arbitrator Jean Ménard admitted after acquired cause as evidence to justify an initial…

Circulation of erotic pictures in the workplace: when the righteous end up righted

Canada - December 11 2012 A substitute teacher recently won her legal battle against a Québec school board that withdrew her name from the substitute teachers’ list, invoking erotic pictures of her taken some eight years earlier.

Québec Court of Appeal: no duty to disclose unfounded allegations of dishonest conduct to potential employer

Canada - September 24 2012 In a very interesting and unanimous decision, the Québec Court of Appeal has recently ruled that an employee faced with unfounded allegations of embezzlement does not have to disclose such accusations to a potential employer during the recruitment process.

Anti-replacement worker provisions: the Appeal Court of Quebec decides that new technologies do not redefine the notion of establishment

Canada - March 26 2012 With the recent expansion of internet and technological devices, more and more workers may now perform much of their work outside the actual physical premises of their employer’s establishment.

Béatrice Arronis

How whistle-blowing programs in the workplace can lead to psychological harassment

Canada - April 1 2011 The term whistleblower generally refers to a disclosure by an individual of mismanagement, corruption or wrongdoing.