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Zeligs v. Janes: Severing Joint Tenancy

Canada - August 2 2016 Joint tenancy is a common form of ownership for family holdings and is often used for estate planning purposes. The main benefit of a joint tenancy…

Knowing your “know your product” obligation

Canada - October 20 2009 CDO, ABCP, ETD, CDS, CLN1….how many of these abbreviations can you decipher?

Keoni Norgren

Passing on the family cottage

Canada - September 29 2020 For many families, a summer or winter home or cottage is one of their most treasured assets. Most cottage owners want the cottage to stay in the…

Sandra L. Enticknap, M. Elena Hoffstein

U.S. Class Action Filed for Canadians Who Receive U.S. Retirement Benefits

Canada - March 5 2019 Persons who have lived and worked for extended periods of time in both Canada and the United States can often be eligible to receive benefits under…

BC Government to Introduce Speculation Tax

Canada - May 16 2018 In an effort to deal with the ongoing challenges of housing affordability in much of the province, the government of British Columbia announced, as…