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Accessing New Research Funding Opportunities During and After COVID-19

USA - May 7 2020 As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain research operations, the federal government is responding with flexibilities for funding applicants and…

Valerie H. Bonham, Elana Bengualid Harary, David Peloquin, Christina A. Ravelo

Going Back to Work: Employer Use of “Apps” on Employee PDAs/Smart Phones for COVID-19 Contact Tracing

USA - May 1 2020 As new cases of COVID-19 begin to plateau and decline in some places, governors, municipalities, retailers, employers, and others are considering…

Megan Bisk, Sarah Blumenthal, Samantha M. Brennan, Stephanie A. Bruce, Fran Faircloth, Josiah Irvin, Edward R. McNicholas

Phasing-In: Use of COVID-19 Testing as a “Return to Work” Strategy

USA - April 29 2020 As “stay-at-home” orders approach expiration or are lifted, it appears that a return to the workplace through “phasing-in” is rapidly approaching…

Timothy M. McCrystal, Megan Bisk, Douglas Brayley, Deborah Gersh, David Peloquin

COVID-19 Business Liability Considerations in Reopening the Economy

USA - April 29 2020 As governors across the country contemplate reopening their state economies, businesses may face potential liability if workers, or if customers and…

Timothy M. McCrystal, Mohammad Mujtaba (Muji) Ali, Megan Bisk, Douglas Brayley, Peter L. Ebb, Richard A. Harris, II, Joshua S. Levy, Vernon Thomas

Understanding the Challenges of Workplace and Business Re-Opening

USA - April 20 2020 As the governors and mayors, and state and local health commissioners, determine when and how to allow the re-opening of “non-essential” workplaces…

Timothy M. McCrystal, Megan Bisk, Douglas Brayley, Deborah Gersh