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Advanced preparation for an OFCCP audit is key

USA - June 13 2011 If your company’s facility will be the target of a compliance review by the OFCCP, advanced preparation is critical. 

The OFCCP is changing the way it conducts investigations

USA - June 13 2011 The issuance by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (“OFCCP” or “Agency”) of Directive 295 on December 16, 2010, changed the way that the OFCCP will conduct affirmative action compliance evaluations going forward.

Health care employers should prepare for OFCCP audits in advance and conduct self audits

USA - June 13 2011 Despite the fact that a decision regarding OFCCP jurisdiction in the health care arena is pending, prudent contractors in the industry are well advised to assess their abilities to respond to an OFCCP audit. 

The OFCCP expands its jurisdiction into health care

USA - June 13 2011 The OFCCP’s efforts to gain jurisdiction over health care providers has been the subject of a historic debate and of conflicting federal and administrative court decisions regarding its scope. 

The issue of whether the OFCCP will have authority over health care providers will ultimately be resolved by a court

USA - June 13 2011 Whether the OFCCP may assert jurisdiction over hospitals, nursing homes, large medical practices, and other health care providers is not a new issue.