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Bullying and workplace violence: a potentially devastating problem for your company

USA - June 9 2011 As an owner or manager of a business, employers must now routinely recognize and respond to the phenomenon of bullying and other acts of aggression in the workplace.

Are you ready to hire like a pro?

USA - April 15 2011 Whether you’re a large employer with an organized human resources infrastructure or a start-up making your first hire, with a little training and preparation, you too can hire like a pro.

To fire or not to fire? That is the question

USA - March 15 2011 In spite of the best intentions, every employer faces discharge decisions, as a result of many factors.

Can proper investigation and documentation help managers and business owners avoid liability in employment disputes?

USA - January 3 2011 For managers, human resource professionals and business owners, avoiding time-consuming and costly employment disputes often rests in the hands of management.