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Managing Employee Mobility Today: Are You Succeeding or Scrambling?

USA - June 26 2019 The 2019 legal landscape of employee mobility continues to evolve, at times drastically. Courts and legislatures are giving increased scrutiny to…

David J. Clark, J. William Cook, Daniel J. Green, Gretchen Harders, Cassandra Labbees, Erica McKinney, Peter A. Steinmeyer

#WorkforceWednesday: Kickstarter Unionization, Coronavirus Guidance, Class Action Waivers

USA - February 26 2020 We invite you to watch the week’s top workforce management and employment law news, and read about the most significant developments impacting…

George Carroll Whipple, III

In Adopting “Contract Coverage” Standard, NLRB Gives Employers Greater Flexibility to Act Unilaterally on Subjects Encompassed by Collective Bargaining Agreements

USA - October 8 2019 As summer turned to fall, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB” or the “Board”) issued a steady stream of decisions with significant and…

Corey P. Argust