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NYC Passes Bill to Ban Pre-Employment Marijuana Drug Testing

USA - April 16 2019 On April 9, 2019, a proposed bill, Int. 1445-A (“Bill”), which prohibits employers from pre-employment drug testing for marijuana and…

Nathaniel M. Glasser, Amanda M. Gomez, Lauri F. Rasnick, Anastasia A. Regne, Steven M. Swirsky

EEOC cautions employers on using social media in hiring decisions

USA - November 23 2011 Surveys now reflect the tremendous increase in the use of social media to perform pre-hire background checks on employees.

Five Challenges Facing Employers in the Health Care Industry

USA - March 24 2016 Employers in the health care industry are facing a number of looming threats. Workplace violence is one of the most serious occupational hazards…

Valerie Butera, Adam S. Forman, Nathaniel M. Glasser, Jonathan K. Hoerner

Take 5: views you can use: five recent developments in labor and employment law that health care employers need to know

USA - October 28 2015 Recent actions by federal agencies and courts will have a direct impact on employers in the health care industry. While still wrestling with the…

Valerie Butera, Nathaniel M. Glasser, Daniel J. Green, Brian W. Steinbach

Take 5: views you can use: five labor and employment issues faced by health care employers

USA - July 22 2014 As the Affordable Care Act and the challenges of reimbursement and funding for health care services drive changes in the health care delivery system…

Daniel J. Green