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The Pendulum Swings Both Ways: State Responses to Protect Reproductive Health Data, Post-Roe

USA - June 17 2022 The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to imminently issue its opinion in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (“Dobbs”). If the Court…

Devon Minnick

A Recently-Released “Discussion Draft” of the “American Data Privacy and Protection Act” Provides Insight into Recent Bipartisan Efforts to Pass Nationwide Privacy Law

USA - June 9 2022 As reported in a June 3, 2022 press release from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. Representatives Frank Pallone, Cathy McMorris…

Brian G. Cesaratto, Alexander J. Franchilli, Patricia (Trish) M. Wagner

Hacking Healthcare: Cyberattack Contingency Planning and Response

USA - May 19 2022 Establishing and maintaining effective systems to protect sensitive personal data and confidential business information from outside interference…

Stuart M. Gerson, Christopher Taylor

Where is the Tipping Point - Comprehensive State Privacy Law Update

USA - May 9 2022 Connecticut becomes the fifth state to pass a comprehensive privacy law. Are you prepared for state privacy law compliance required in 2023? Despite…

Audrey Davis

FTC Enforcement Highlights the Importance of Preserving Privacy in AI Development: How to Avoid AI Model Destruction

USA - May 5 2022 The success of an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm depends in large part upon trust, yet many AI Technologies function as opaque ‘black boxes.’…

Stuart M. Gerson