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Novel action raises questions in Delaware on stockholder power to directly remove officers

USA - June 17 2009 The 2009 proxy season has been particularly active and contentious.

Brooks T. Giles, Jeffrey R. Patt, Herbert S. Wander, Mark D. Wood

SEC proxy access proposals expected in May

USA - April 30 2009 On April 10, the Governor of Delaware signed into law a new provision of the Delaware General Corporation Law allowing stockholders "access" to the proxy statement in director elections.

Robert L. Kohl, Herbert S. Wander, Mark D. Wood, Frank Zarb

Delaware Supreme Court reconfirms that bad faith requires intentional dereliction

USA - March 27 2009 On March 25, the Delaware Supreme Court eliminated directors’ concerns created by a troublesome Court of Chancery opinion from last year.

Robert L. Kohl, Jeffrey R. Patt, Jeffrey M. Werthan

Numerous proposed 2009 amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law reflect heightened focus on governance issues

USA - March 10 2009 Lawmakers in the state of Delaware may soon be addressing issues that have become part of the increasingly vigorous debate about stockholder input in corporate governance.

Robert L. Kohl, Frank Zarb