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SEC Adopts Mandatory Rules for Clawing Back Incentive-Based Compensation: Questions and Answers for Public Companies and Best Practices

USA - November 17 2022 On October 26, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted long-delayed rules which will require companies to implement mandatory "clawback"…

Peter Dalmasy, Jennifer L. Howard, Timothy J. Kirby, Mitch Pahl

Sweeping SEC Proposals Raise Significant Concerns for SPAC Market

USA - May 3 2022 On March 30, the SEC released comprehensive proposals for rule changes that would materially expand the liability regime for SPAC transactions…

Timothy J. Kirby, Richard D. Marshall

Katten Capital Markets Compass

USA - December 22 2021 On December 2, Larry Levin and Alyse Sagalchik, partners in Katten's Capital Markets practice, along with Ernst & Young LLP and Meridian Compensation…

Vlad M. Bulkin, Jennifer L. Howard, Timothy J. Kirby, Lawrence D. Levin, Maximillian Licona, Ryan A. Lilley, Elizabeth C. McNichol, Irina Nica, Alyse A. Sagalchik

The SPAC Report: Mark Wood, National Capital Markets Practice Co-Head, Speaks With Bloomberg Tax on Proactive Disclosures as SEC Continues to Scrutinize SPACs; Chairman Gensler's Latest Comments on SPAC Regulation

USA - December 22 2021 Recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) comment letters reveal the SEC's close examination of special purpose…

Timothy J. Kirby, Elizabeth C. McNichol

Katten Capital Markets Compass

USA - October 14 2021 We are pleased to share with you the first edition of Katten's Capital Markets Compass - a newsletter we are creating to help our clients keep pace…

Matthew S. Brown, Vlad M. Bulkin, Farzad Damania, Timothy J. Kirby, Lawrence D. Levin, Jeffrey R. Patt, Mark J. Reyes, Alyse A. Sagalchik, Jonathan D. Weiner