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Deadline to Update New EU Standard Contractual Clauses Is Approaching

European Union, United Kingdom - September 8 2022 Businesses should update their existing contractual agreements to the new SCCs by 27 December 2022. It would be sensible to have a data privacy…

Jose L. Basabe, Tegan Miller-McCormack, Sarah Simpson, Trisha Sircar

Living With COVID-19 - Practical Strategies for Managing Your Workforce in the UK

United Kingdom - March 10 2022 The UK Government announced last week that we are entering a new phase of the pandemic — one where we now learn to live with COVID-19. On 24 February…

Brigitte Weaver, Emma Williams

Spotlight on Requirement to Appoint an EU Data Protection Representative

European Union, United Kingdom - November 30 2021 Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (UK GDPR) (together the GDPR), even if an organisation…

Dagatha L. Delgado, Jeremy Merkel, Tegan Miller-McCormack, Sarah Simpson, Trisha Sircar

Key Data Protection Considerations for Companies Doing Business in the UK/EU

European Union, United Kingdom - November 5 2021 The following outlines where Katten can help clients to comply with their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations. This note is…

Tegan Miller-McCormack, Sarah Simpson, Brigitte Weaver, Emma Williams

Employers' Next COVID-19 Conundrum: To Mandate Vaccination, or Not to Mandate Vaccination?

USA - February 22 2021 With COVID-19 vaccinations underway across the United States, many employers are considering whether to implement a mandatory employee vaccination…

Janella T. Gholian, Julie L. Gottshall, Stacey D. McKee Knight, Andrew J. Schuyler, Janet R. Widmaier