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Divorce Speech. Understanding the Terminology.

United Kingdom - June 7 2019 You have just come from your lawyer’s office and now wonder whether you really understood everything that was being said. There are special terms…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

6 Factors to Consider When Deciding Relocation in Child Custody Cases

USA - May 31 2019 While having two parents who live not only in the same state, but within a reasonable driving distance from each other is ideal, this may not always…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

When can my child decide who they will live with?

USA - April 19 2019 If you live in Arizona, the answer is when they turn 18. While some states allow children of a certain age to decide who they wish to live with…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

Eleven Factors to Help a Court Determine Parenting Time Based Upon the Best Interest of the Child

USA - March 29 2019 You may have heard that the best interest of the minor child is used to determine parenting time for a minor child, but what does it mean to say that…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

How Will A Court Determine Who Can Make Decisions Concerning the Children After Divorce?

USA - March 8 2019 You may have heard the word “Custody” or “Legal Custody” used in connection with a parent’s right to make decisions concerning education (such as…

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