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Who Decides Who Gets to Live in the House While We Go Through the Divorce?

United Kingdom, USA - February 22 2019 Papers are filed, the dissolution action is pending before the Court, and you may think you are on your way to living separate and apart from the…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

What To Expect When Mediating Your Divorce Case

United Kingdom, USA - February 15 2019 Many times the thought of going to court to resolve issues pending in your divorce is frightening. Accordingly, it makes sense, prior to going to…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

Eight Tips for Preparing for your Divorce Mediation

USA - November 16 2018 Mediating your divorce action is an opportunity to try and settle your case without going to trial. However, to be successful, you must be well…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

Resolving Your Divorce Action By Mediation

USA - November 2 2018 At some point during the course of your divorce, you will likely want to consider whether there is a better way to resolve the issues between you and…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

Can one lawyer represent both parties in a divorce?

USA - October 19 2018 It is not uncommon to think that because you and your spouse are amicable, that it would be much easier, and less expensive, if you can have one…

Marlene A. Pontrelli