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Selling The Family Home During Divorce: Questions to Ask If The Decision Is Right For You

USA - July 9 2021 One of the first issues that often arises during a divorce is what to do with…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

10 Tips for Reducing the Expenses of Getting a Divorce

USA - August 16 2019 Litigation of any kind can be expensive, and a divorce is no exception. The good news is that there are many ways that you can help control the…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

How will the court determine the parenting time for the minor child?

USA - August 2 2019 It is the policy of the State of Arizona that, absent contrary evidence, the child should have “substantial, frequent, meaningful and continuing…

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Who Decides Who Gets To Live in the House While We Go Through the Divorce?

USA - July 19 2019 Neither party is required to leave the marital residence during the divorce unless a court orders one party to leave. If you and your spouse cannot…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

Considering the Child’s Preference and Primary Care Provider in a Custody Case

USA - July 12 2019 Two questions that often get asked in custody cases are what weight does the child’s preference have in a custody case, and how can I demonstrate to…

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