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Do I need to respond to discovery requests in my divorce?

USA - August 10 2018 You have just filed for a divorce, and within a few days, the opposing party has sent a list of documents that you need to produce going back several…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

Divorce Speech. Understanding the Terminology.

United Kingdom - June 7 2019 You have just come from your lawyer’s office and now wonder whether you really understood everything that was being said. There are special terms…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

Objecting to the Allegation of Irreconcilable Differences

USA - March 2 2018 In states, such as Arizona, that are considered "no-fault" divorce states, neither spouse is required to prove that the other is "at fault" in order…

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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

USA - May 4 2018 You have just filed for divorce, or maybe you and your spouse are thinking about a divorce. While there will be big changes for you, if you have…

Marlene A. Pontrelli

6 Factors to Consider When Deciding Relocation in Child Custody Cases

USA - May 31 2019 While having two parents who live not only in the same state, but within a reasonable driving distance from each other is ideal, this may not always…

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