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Regulator guidance on the GDPR - What are other EU Member States doing?

Czech Republic, European Union, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia - October 16 2017 Many EU regulators are relying on the Article 29 Working Party (WP29), at least in the initial stages, to produce guidance on implementing the GDPR…

Thanos Rammos

Austria and Hungary - GDPR legislation update

Austria, Hungary - April 13 2018 Austria is considered to be one of the EU leaders regarding implementing the GDPR, introducing the National Data Protection Act 2018…

Dr. Dániel Ódor

An EU snapshot

Austria, European Union, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia - November 15 2017 On 9 December 2016, a first draft of the Dutch GDPR implementation act was published, providing (additional) national rules where this is necessary…

Radovan Pala, Torsten Braner, Frederick Leentfaar, Marcin Przybysz

Do you know the (famous) and only original Salzburger Mozartkugel?

Austria - January 31 2018 The famous confectioners “Fürst” located in the Brodgasse in Salzburg, sells chocolate and confectionery products, including the well-known Salzburger…

Christopher Benson

Time for a quick "Happy Meal"?

Austria - February 28 2018 A trade mark dispute between the US fast food giant McDonald’s and the French burger chain Quick has now shifted to Austria. The dispute is…

Christopher Benson