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PRC Data Export Assessment - Do It within Six Months

China - July 28 2022 The concept of security assessment for cross-border data transfer was first seen in Article 37 of the PRC Cybersecurity Law taking effect as of June…

Julian Sun, Kyle Tong

PRC Data Protection Law Enforcement Trend - Case Study

China - June 22 2022 With the PRC Data Security Law and the PRC Personal Information Protection Law coming into force on September 1, 2021 and November 1, 2021…

Mike Goldammer, Julian Sun

New Data Rules Targeting Manufacturing Business

China - March 1 2022 It is risky to use a European mind-set to interpret the PRC data protection regime. Since long this seems to have been the case, as when starting a…

Julian Sun

Indication of timeframes under PRC data protection framework

China - January 13 2022 Legal uncertainties have long been the biggest challenge for multinational companies in their data protection compliance in China. The Data Security…

Vera Lee

China's new data security law

China - November 12 2021 Those familiar with the EU GDPR and its UK equivalent will recognise many of the concepts and requirements in the PRC Personal Information Protection…

Julian Sun, Chao Xuan