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Latest Trends of China Overseas Direct Investment Regulations

China - January 29 2018 It is well known that Chinese enterprises need to go through certain formalities before making an investment outside mainland China. The main…

Lisa Li

New PRC Environmental Protection Tax - Don’t take a wait and see approach!

China - December 4 2017 China’s new Environmental Protection Tax Law will become effective on 1st January 2018. It imposes a new type of environmental tax on many production…

Enterprises in China Allowed to Borrow More Money from Abroad

China - February 13 2017 Against the backdrop of recent measures to control capital outflows from the country, the PBoC increased the upper limit of financing from abroad…

New competition law in Hong Kong: How it affects your business

Hong Kong - November 29 2016 Taylor Wessing met with senior representatives of the Hong Kong Competition Commission and German Chambers of Commerce for exchange of experience…

Stephan Manuel Nagel

Time for registering your infant formula recipes in China

China - July 11 2016 Starting from October 1, 2016, both domestic infant formula milk powder ("IF") producers and foreign IF producers which export IF to China are…

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