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The future of legal, compliance and ESG departments in the company - are internal structures now coming together?

European Union, United Kingdom - December 20 2022 In response to the increasing importance of sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, governance), many companies are currently dealing with the…

Dr. Rebekka Krause, Dr. Jonas Woitzyk

Germany Introduces Federal Anti-Corruption Blacklist

Germany - April 12 2017 The idea of a nationwide anti-corruption blacklist has haunted the German procurement law world for years. Now the German Federal Government has got…

Andreas Haak

How do I tackle the first sustainability report for my company?

European Union, Germany - November 16 2022 In the near future, due to new legal obligations or the expectations of their business partners, companies will increasingly have to prepare their own…

Dr. Rebekka Krause, Dr. Jonas Woitzyk

Compliance management systems and the perpetual question of “what is appropriate”?

Germany, United Kingdom - March 8 2022 When is a company's compliance management system ("CMS") appropriate in Germany? This is a question to be raised by the purchaser of a company or its…

Dr. Rebekka Krause, Dr. Jonas Woitzyk

Die Zukunft von Legal, Compliance und ESG im Unternehmen - wächst jetzt zusammen, was zusammengehört?

Germany - December 20 2022 Viele Unternehmen beschäftigen sich dieser Tage mit der Frage, welche ihrer Abteilungen die Verantwortung für das rasant an Bedeutung gewinnende Thema…

Dr. Rebekka Krause, Dr. Jonas Woitzyk