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10 pitfalls when negotiating mutual termination agreements

Germany - June 2 2022 German law sets high standards for employers to unilaterally terminate an employment relationship if the employer employs more than ten (10)…

Larissa Burger, Dr. Christian Maron

10 pitfalls when taking paid time off

Germany - February 21 2022 German employees have various entitlements regarding paid time off (PTO). In addition to a statutory vacation leave, there are other statutory…

Michael Beer, Janine Krupa-Soltane, Dr. Christian Maron

10 pitfalls when using an EOR in Germany

Germany - February 2 2022 International companies often start expanding to the German market without having established a local legal entity. In most cases, their aim is to…

Johannes Simon, LL.M. (Durham), Dr. Christian Maron

Digital platform economy - European Commission proposes new measures in the fight against false self-employment

European Union - January 27 2022 Digital platform work has long since become an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether it is the delivery of food or groceries, the booking of…

Dr. Christian Maron, Christina Poth

Changes to German employment law in 2022

Germany - January 10 2022 Recent changes to German employment law - as well as the election of a new government - will require employers to take action to ensure that they are…

Michael Beer, Janine Krupa-Soltane, Dr. Christian Maron