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The Schrems II case: the end of the EUUS Privacy Shield

European Union, USA - July 23 2020 The Schrems case "haunts" EU-US data transfers once again. CJEU invalidates the Privacy Shield, but gives a green light to the standard contractual…

Rita Carmo

Covid-19: end of the suspension of the court deadlines

Portugal - June 1 2020 From 3 June, the court deadlines are no longer suspended. Court diligences will be again in person, even though distance communication means are to…

Lourenço de Sousa Botelho

Covid-19: Privacy in time of pandemic - taking employees’ temperatures?

Portugal - April 29 2020 In recently released guidelines, the Portuguese Data Protection Authority understands that employers are prevented from taking their employees'…

Rita Carmo

COVID-19: Tracing applications vs. privacy

Portugal - April 21 2020 Contact tracing and warning applications in the fight against COVID19 must comply with the GDPR and the e-Privacy Directive. They must be implemented…

Rita Carmo

Covid-19: Courts are no longer on standby mode

Portugal - April 7 2020 The Portuguese Parliament ends the suspension of the procedural time limits in urgent proceedings, e.g. Insolvencies and precautionary measures…

Lourenço de Sousa Botelho