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Unfair contractual terms in B2B contracts

Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA - January 21 2021 In this episode of our Better Contracts vlog series we examine unfair contractual terms in B2B contracts under Belgian, French, German, US, and…

Chloe Forster, Mark C. Lehberg, Gregory Tulquois, Kristof De Vulder

DLA Piper’s global industry guide to resuming production post-pandemic

United Kingdom - July 13 2020 Now that many countries are slowly beginning to experience COVID-19 lockdown restrictions…

Dr. Bernd Borgmann, Abisodun Adewale, Tom K. Ara, Nicholas Boyle, Anna Jussil Broms, Duncan Calow, Mei Sum Chan, Lisa Dutiro, Carmen Elder, Dr. Stefan Engels, Alessandro Ferrari, Nick Fitzpatrick, Ben Gipson, Filippo Grondona, Monika Horvath, Joachim Kundert Jensen, Claire Kermond, Clancy King, Mukayi Kuveya, Dr Charlotte Landwehr, Yue Lin Lee, Elisa Lorenzo, Jabulani Nhongo, Sandra Oyewole, Marlene Winther Plas, Mariann Rajnai, Diego Ramos, Jamie Ryder, Tom Stiebert, Dr. Michael Stulz-Herrnstadt, Scott Thiel, Nicholas Turner, Nina Wedsted, Peter C. White

Germany: Labeling requirements for fashion influencer marketing − more transparency can also lead to restrictions

European Union, Germany - May 20 2019 Many observers in Europe today feel that the practice of labeling of advertising in social media, such as Instagram, has gone a little off the rails…

Dr. Nico Brunotte, Dr. Stefan Engels

The principal does not need to state the causes for a termination for good cause in the termination notice to a commercial agent

United Kingdom - June 21 2018 The agreement with a commercial agent can be terminated for good cause with immediate effect by either party (Section 89a para. 1 German Commercial…

Der Unternehmer muss bei der außerordentlichen Kündigung eines Handelsvertretervertrags keine Gründe angeben

Germany - June 21 2018 Ein Handelsvertretervertrag kann gemäß § 89a Absatz 1 HGB von jeder Partei aus wichtigem Grund ohne Einhaltu...