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Get ready for reform ‎—‎ Prompt payment and adjudication finally taking effect in the Alberta construction industry

Canada - July 12 2022 In recent years, a number of Canadian provinces have reformed their construction law regimes with the introduction of prompt payment and adjudication…

Emma Cosgrave, Howard Krupat, Michael Styczen, P.Eng., Roderick C. Payne, Bryce W. Wells

Cumulative effects - The impact of “a tide of change” on Indigenous treaty ‎rights

Canada - August 16 2021 For sometime now, uncertainty has existed as to how the cumulative environmental effects of industrial development should be evaluated in relation…

Heather L. Treacy, Q.C.

Be a filter, not a conduit - Secondary market disclosure ‎obligations

Canada - March 26 2021 A recent Ontario decision involving a securities class action claim for secondary market disclosure has ‎shed light on what a court may consider to…

Adrienne Wong

Enough is enough ‎—‎ Governing the ungovernable

Canada - February 12 2021 Online harassment weighs heavily on affected people, feeling like an unstoppable intrusion. One's personal domicile offers no haven. Some people…

Jordan Deering, Alan Sarhan, Petar Stoyanov

Alberta revamps builders' lien regime

Canada - December 15 2020 In response to lengthening payment periods and an increasing number of disputes between owners and contractors, as well as to coordinate with…

Michael Styczen, P.Eng.