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Amendments to the Antimonopoly Law: Raising the Stakes for Antitrust Compliance in China

China - June 27 2022 In August 2007, China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) adopted China’s first comprehensive competition law, the Antimonopoly Law (AML).1 Fifteen…

Nathan Bush, Della Ding

SEA Change Issue III: February 2022

Singapore - February 21 2022 We also look at stronger steps being taken in China to enhance whistleblower frameworks by (amongst other things) incentivizing the reporting of…

Maurice Burke, Sammy Fang, Apoorvaa Paranjpe, Andrew Robinson, Matthew Shaw, David Smail, Rishikeesh Wijaya

Raising the Bar on Blowing the Whistle: China’s New Whistleblower Rewards Measures Provide Additional Incentives (and Controls) for Whistleblowing

China - February 21 2022 China’s new Whistleblower Rewards Measures provides up to RMB1 million (approx. USD157,000) in rewards for the reporting of major violations of…

Sammy Fang

Managing Business Related and Personal Data

China - September 27 2021 In recent years, China has in quick succession introduced various legislations in the areas of data and personal information protection. At the same…

Carolyn Bigg, Sammy Fang

Framing patents as essential facilities in Chinese antitrust: Ningbo Ketian Magnet Co., Ltd. v. Hitachi Metals

China, USA - September 7 2021 A Chinese court recently ruled in Ningbo Ketian Magnet Co., Ltd. v. Hitachi Metals, Ltd. that a patent-holder's refusal to license patents for…

Nathan Bush