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The EU's new whistleblowing regime - why it matters to UK businesses

European Union, United Kingdom - December 15 2021 Friday 17 December 2021 marks a moment of divergence between the whistleblowing frameworks in the UK and EU, with the official implementation of the…

Edward Aldred, Will White M.A.

An interview with DLA Piper discussing Anti-Corruption in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - October 12 2021 We continue to see the settlement of criminal investigations into companies by UK authorities through the use of a deferred prosecution...

Sam Millar, Patrick Rappo

The UK Bribery Act: A Perfect 10 or an uninspired 5/10?

United Kingdom - July 1 2021 From its conception, the UK Bribery Act 2010 (UKBA), which came into force on 1 July 2011, presented itself as a radical and comprehensive overhaul…

Ali Al-Zarrad, Tiffany McConaghy, Patrick Rappo

Whistleblowing Laws in Europe An international guide

Global - June 21 2021 In recent years it has become more and more clear that whistleblowing protection is the ultimate line of defence for safeguarding the public interest…

Vanessa Antunes, Riikka Autio, Per Benonisen, Hélène Bogaard, Antonio Carino, Natalie Caton, Ondrej Chlada, Caoimhe Clarkin, Marie Durand-Gasselin, Fabien Ganivet, Paul Hopman, Juan Antonio Garcia Jabaloy, Brian Kaplan, Pascal R. Kremp, Jon Lauritzen, Agnieszka Lechman-Filipiak, Eddy Lievens, Tim Marshall, Bob Martens, Laurent Massinon, Vladislav Mazur, Ciara McLoughlin, Benjamim Mendes, Pilar Menor, Yaroslav Moshennikov, Hugo Munthe-Kaas, Olivier Reisch, Tomasz Rudyk, Björn Rustare, Petr Šabatka, Jussi Savonen, Dr Christian Schoop, Eva Skottke, Michaela Stessl, Federico Strada, Alf-Peter Svensson, Nicholas Turner, Nina Wedsted

Anti-money laundering registration for art market participants: What you need to know

United Kingdom - June 7 2021 “Art market participants” conducting business in the UK must register with HMRC for money laundering supervision before 10 June 2021…

Calum Ablett, Daniel Jones