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Guide to Remote Working in APAC

Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand - May 27 2022 With COVID-19 continuing to cause travel disruption in many locations, employers are increasingly having to respond to scenarios where employees are…

Eddie Ahn, Johnny Choi, Helen Colquhoun, David Johnston, Anderson Lam, Laura Scampion, David Smail, Komson Suntheeraporn, Nicholas Turner, Keitaro Uzawa, Tina Xia

An interview with DLA Piper discussing Labour & Employment in Japan

Japan - December 22 2021 The most important new developments in Japan over the past year are the implementation of parts of the workstyle reform laws, which is a set of major…

Lawrence Carter

An interview with DLA Piper discussing labour & employment in Japan

Japan - January 28 2020 This article discusses various topics including legal developments, the enforcement of restrictive covenants and political debates about employment within Japan.

Lawrence Carter

Asia Pacific Employment Law Forecast 2020

Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand - January 23 2020 2020 will be the first full year of operation of The new whistleblowing protections in Australia. The whistleblowing protections are wide-ranging And…

Lawrence Carter, Katherine Chew, Johnny Choi, Helen Colquhoun, Pattama Jarupunphol, Clancy King, Ying Li, Laura Scampion, David Smail, Nicholas Turner

From hiring to firing : A basic guide to the Japanese employment law life cycle

Japan - March 17 2015 As a general rule, employers in Japan can freely determine the person they would like to hire as an employee, provided that discrimination on the…

Lawrence Carter, Lance J. Miller